I am trained in computer and aircraft engineering. I have twelve years of experience in the education sector, (four as principal) and four in the aircraft engineering sector. I possess a combination of technical expertise and strong problem solving, analytical, communication and management skills. My dynamic learning capability will help me to successfully engage with a large variety projects, especially if they involve interdisciplinary tasks.

I am looking for a new professional experience in a new cultural environment. I understand life from a very innovative and open-minded perspective.




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Language Skills


ENGLISH: Advanced level

Final Project Manuals (Computer Engineering)

Manager of project with Airbus China


GERMAN: Intermediate level

Erasmus in Berlin (B1)


CHINESE: Elementary (A1)


SPANISH: mother tongue

Aircraft Engineer (AIRBUS) - Design, Manufacturing

Catia v5 CFRP Modelling

A330F – HTP (Horizontal Tale Plane) Lateral Box
(Project Manager of Airbus China Team)

3D Models created for every CFRP (Carbon Fibre Reinforcement Polymer) part for A330F HTP (Horizontal Tale Plane) Lateral Box. Project coordinated by me in Airbus Getafe


    Skin Plies Model Catia v5

    A330F CFRP HTP – Responsible for this plies model
    These plies need to be modelled following strict design requirements

      Structural Repair Manual

      HTP A320 – A330 – A340
      Detailed knowledge of HTP design (CFRP), materials, repairs, manufacturing process of all Airbus Plane Models

        Aircraft Engineer (ARESA - ACITURRI) - Design, training, Manufacturing, Logistics


        Logistics Plant procedures and warehouse

        Member of the group in charge of tunning the new components, machines  and processes
          Video 3D warehouse

          ARESA Plant Construction - Boecillo (Valladolid)

          Stage by stage start-up of the new plant

          Training responsible
          Trainer of new employees: Aircraft design and manufacture basics, CFRP characteristics and properties, Machines and manufacturing processes…


            Designing Manufacturing Process

            Machines installation

            • LASER: Projection of contours to cut the fabric
            • ATL: (Automated Tape Layer)
            • AUTOCLAVE: Pressure and Temperature. Curing process of the CFRP
            • CUTTING MACHINE: water jet technology

            Computer Science Engineer - Programming


            Final Project - Computer Science Engineering

            ZatDroid- App satellites Search & Augmented reality (JAVA)
            Patent VA-325-2013

            ZATDROID offers the possibility of tracking any artificial satellite.
            It locates it in Google Maps together with its predicted trajectory and it also allows the user to see it in real time in the sky with augmented reality camera view.
            Orbital mechanics calculations are developed following Newton equations and NORAD
            (North American Aerospace Defence Command) propagation models, firstly published in 1980
            Spacetrack Report #3: Models for Propagation of the NORAD Element Sets

            Implementation of GSuite For Education

            Administrator and responsible for GSuite for schools.

            In the last few years, I have been training teachers, defining protocols and developing the GSuite Applications needed in the school.


              Excel Expert (VBA Programming)

              Expert use of Programming with VBA

              In AIRBUS I automated many processes using Excel and visual tools to make it understandable for anyone.
              At the school, I implemented a complete management protocol for every task, which was especially needed and helpful during lockdown.

                Programming Training Environment

                Alice (Carnegie Melon University)

                In-depth knowledge and experience working with this tool, which gives the user a visual view and basic rules for programming.


                  Programming Training Environment

                  App Inventor (MIT)

                  In-depth knowledge and experience working with this tool, which gives the user a visual view and basic programming rules.

                    Programming Training Environment

                    Scratch (MIT)

                    In-depth knowledge and experience working with this tool, which gives the user a visual view and basic programming rules.


                      Project Manager - School Principal


                      Manage relations of the school with regional and local administrations

                      As principal of the oldest and biggest school in Segovia, I was in charge of any contact with regional and local administrations

                        Projects in collaboration with other schools

                        Architecture and Art
                        Segovian Sgraffito In collaboration with Segovia Art School

                        Managing families, students, teachers, administrative tasks

                        Managing families, students, teachers, administrative tasks., while always taking into account the interests of all the individuals involved in the education process.

                          University Professor


                          Scientific research (Students)

                          Scientific research coordinator

                          Through a collaboration program with the University of Valladolid, students of 2º Bachillerato (17 years old) developed Math, Biology, Physics, Chemistry scientific Projects using the university’s labs.

                          Education degree: Abacus Project

                          Use of the abacus in primary school and kindergarten
                          Students from the Education degree at Valladolid University explored the possibilities of using abacus to develop math skills in kids. And they even built their own hand-made abacus!

                          Education Degree: Cryptography

                          Cryptography for kids

                          Cryptography is on top of innovation thanks to the encryption of internet messages. Education degree students made an interesting experiment concerning public and private keys, using the decimals of PI and other interesting facts.

                          Teacher (Secondary School) - Project based learning: Maths, Science


                          Maths: Interactive groups

                          New learning and teaching methodology: Interactive groups. Adding value to help family and friends in class

                          This working style, which is a characteristic of learning communities, allows the educational community to participate in classroom activities.
                          Everybody learns and teaches at the same time. Activities are interrelated, practical and entertaining. Learning takes place reciprocally within the group.

                          Technology: Paper roll structures

                          Students learnt the grid structure modelling creating structures with paper roll bars and then joining them with glue.

                          Technology: Pixel Art

                          Design of a big-scale pixelated drawing., divided in tiles, one for each student. Coloring the grid with black pixels was required. This explains the meaning of a matrix and its application to graphical design

                          Architecture & Design

                          Students drew the sketch of their house by hand, taking the required measurements. After that, they created a bidimensional view with the computer.

                          Technology: Aircraft Assemby process

                          Step by step assembly process
                          Complete assembly process of an aircraft as example of a real-scale Project with its detailed parts

                          Exchange Programs Coordinator

                          England (Richard Lander School – Cornwall) / Germany (Künzelsau)
                          I was in charge of the students during the stay and organized all aspects of the trip.

                            Personal Projects

                            Erasmus in Berlin

                            Final project Spacecraft Engineer in Berlin

                            Six months in TU (Technische Universität) with the Diplom Arbeit:

                            International Scouts Events

                            Member of the International Scout Spanish team

                            For several years we coordinated attendance of Spanish scouts to international scout events Unforgettable cultural experience: World Jamboree London 2007, Roverway 2006.


                              The project of my life:

                              Educate my three children: 6, 3 and 2 years old